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Dishonored 2 launch trailer slits throats and sets scene

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Dishonored 2's trailers, teasers and tailpieces have been plentiful—which, depending on your level of interest, will likely have you psyched or a wee bit listless. Whichever camp you occupy, know that Arkane's latest stealth/murder adventure releases this Friday, November 11, which in turn means you'll see less in the way of said videos thereafter. 

Until then, Dishonored 2 has an obligatory launch trailer that once again briefly explores Corvo and new star Emily Kaldwin's contemporary tale, their supernatural abilities, and a distinguished amount of throat slitting and neck snapping. Look, see:

Highlights from our previous coverage includes both Shaun and Chris' individual impressions of earlier builds; how Dishonored 2 brings morals to its murder by giving a backstory to every guard; Ian Birnbaum's chat with Arkane's Harvey Smith; and the insights and inspirations of the game's art director Sebastien Mitton. 

Dishonored 2 is set to launch November 11, with those who've preordered getting in a day early. With so many big-budget—and thus wallet-stressing—games being released at the moment, is Dishonored 2 on your pre-Christmas list? Let us know in the comments below.