Dirt 5 – the cheapest way to get it on PC in Australia

(Image credit: Codemasters)

The Dirt 5 release date is November 6, all the better to clash rather awkwardly with some of the year's most anticipated games. Never mind though, because if you're in the mood for an arcade-styled rally racer, it's been a three year wait since the last mainline Dirt instalment. Gruelling.

Dirt 5 isn't getting a physical boxed copy in Australia, which isn't super surprising nowadays. That leaves us at the mercy of digital retailers, and currently there's a pretty obvious place you'll want to buy it if getting the lowest price is your priority (for most of us, it is). 

There are two Dirt 5 editions: the standard edition and the Amplified Edition. The latter gets you "exclusive content" and three days early access to the game, which means you'll be ready to go on November 3.

The below prices are for both the standard and Amplified Editions. Without further ado:

Fanatical - AU$66.26 / AU$89.66
Green Man Gaming - AU$71.36 / AU$96.56
Humble Store - AU$84.95 w. AU$7.72 cashback /  AU$114.95 w. AU$10.45 cashback
Steam - AU$84.95 / AU$114.95

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