Dirt 4 celebrates its upcoming launch with a new trailer (Updated)

The latest entry in Codemasters’ off-road racing series, Dirt 4, comes out on June 9, and even though it's still a few days away, that means it's time to watch a new trailer full of cars getting very, very muddy. 

With its two handling modes, Gamer and Simulation, Dirt 4 is trying to skirt the line between arcade and sim, making it, Codemasters hopes, accessible for both new players and series veterans alike.  

It’s also pretty big. The Your Stage system means that you’ll be able to, at the touch of a button, generate a new track in one of the game’s five settings, allowing you to create a “near infinite” number of unique stages to speed around in.

Update: Codemasters originally announced that Dirt 4 would be released for the PC in North America today, June 6, and in Europe on June 9. However, it's actually only the console versions that came out today: The worldwide PC release date is June 9.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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