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Dicey Dungeons, a new game from the creator of Super Hexagon, has a release date

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You may know indie designer Terry Cavanagh for his bastard-hard antigravity platformer VVVVVV, or you may have cursed his name while playing the twitch-reflex avoid-em-up Super Hexagon (opens in new tab). Either way, he's a designer worth watching.

His latest game is Dicey Dungeons, in which heroes have been transformed into cute walking dice by Lady Luck, then trapped in her mutating dungeon full of monsters. It plays kind of like a cross between Yahtzee and Tharsis. 

Your attacks and abilities all require certain dice rolls to activate—for instance, one of the characters is a thief who can use even numbers to pickpocket enemies, and stab them with a dagger using any die that comes up 1, 2, or 3. But you've got a number of rerolls, splits, and other tweaks you can apply to your dice to mitigate the pure randomness.

It looks pretty neat, and it'll be out August 13 on Steam (opens in new tab) and itch (opens in new tab).

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