Diablo 3's Season 16 goes live today


There are few things that are sure in this world, luckily one of them is the seemingly unending cycle of Diablo 3 seasons. Coincidentally, Season 16 is going live today, giving you the perfect excuse to level up a new character.

As well as the usual journey and cosmetic rewards, Season 16 will give players an extra boost—all Seasonal players will benefit from the legendary power of the Ring of Royal Grandeur. For the uninitiated, The Ring of Royal Grandeur's equipped ability means that you need one less item to receive the set bonus from your chosen class set, freeing up an additional gear slot to fill however you choose.

It also means saving a good few hours (depending on your luck) farming the Act I bounties in the hope of one dropping.

Haedrig’s Gift rewards for completing Season chapters are still available and will offer the following class sets: Immortal King’s Call for barbarian, Seeker of the Light for crusader, Natalya's Vengeance for Demon Hunter, Uliana’s Stratagem for monk, Trag’Oul’s Avatar for necromancer, Spirit of Arachyr for witch doctor, and finally, Vyr’s Amazing Arcana for wizard.


A number of quality of life changes have also been implemented this season, including the removal of legendary potions from the player inventory, and a new 'beam' colour for primal legendaries when they drop, allowing them to be spotted and picked up far more easily.

Season 16 goes live at 5 PM CET / 5 PM PST. You can check out the full details for the new season here.

Sarah James
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