Diablo 3 Starter Edition now available, play for free up to level 13

Those yet to dip their toes in Diablo 3's lava pools can now try the game for free via the Diablo 3 Starter Edition. The demo is available now exclusively through Available exclusively through Battle.net and you can grab details on how to download it on the Diablo 3 blog . You'll be able to fight as far as level 13, which should take you up to the first proper boss, the Skeleton King.

The Starter Edition has had a bit of a rocky history. It went live for a brief period before launch in a glitch that was quickly patched up and, for a time, purchasers of the digital edition were limited to the starter edition for 72 hours in a move to thwart gold spammers, though those restrictions were later relaxed. Now, it's finally out and working as intended, which is nice.

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