Diablo 3 players can now unleash hell with a 50% XP bonus

Uh-oh, we appear to have lost Tom to the siren song of gold and loot. Ever since the release of Diablo 3's latest patch, he's been furiously wizarding, reaping the benefits of targeted loot drops and an improved paragon levelling system. The patch, released in preparation for this month's Reaper of Souls expansion, has been further boosted with a limited time XP bonus event. Until March 24th , players will get a 50% boost to all earned XP.

If you've yet to delve into the ARPG's update, a new video rounds up its features.

As for the end game - the release of a new expansion - Kat Bailey went hands-on with the new Crusader class , and interviewed the game's lead developers about their past mistakes and future plans.

And if you're still gripped by an insatiable hunger for all things Diablo, here's thirty seconds of meaningless trailer fluff.

Phil Savage

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