Diablo 3 is almost here! PC Gamer review next week

diablo 3

Update: Our Diablo 3 review is now live!

At midnight tonight the sky will tear open with a thunderous crack and a great rain of blood shall coat the streets to herald the coming of the demon army, but we won't notice because we'll all be inside playing Diablo 3. Our review won't be going up at midnight, though, or tomorrow. We're taking the time to kill as many monsters as possible and review the game with the fully working auction house. We're aiming to get our review up at the start of next week, but you can expect lots of articles and impressions right here on PCGamer.com throughout this week as we document our descent into hell.

After years of waiting, Diablo 3 is just HOURS AWAY. Excitement is high. Tom put the Diablo 3 soundtrack on. Graham opened his Collector's Edition and got packaging stuff everywhere. Chris seems quiet but I can just tell he's thinking about Diablo 3. If you're feeling the need to prepare for Azmodan and his minions, check out our Diablo 3 class build guide , discover what Diablo 3 classes Jay Wilson, Notch and others will be playing as and check out the trailers for the Wizard , Barbarian , Monk , Demon Hunter and the Witch Doctor . Who will you play as?

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