Diablo 3 hotfix removes monster damage boost in co-op, Inferno teams breathe sigh of relief

Diablo 3 wizard

Blizzard hotfixed in a significant change to Diablo 3 multiplayer over the weekend. Previously monster health and damage would stack depending on the number of players in the game, now Blizzard have completely removed that damage buff. Monsters will still have more health, but they won't be any stronger. That applies to co-op games across all difficulty tiers, and is excellent news for groups getting wiped in seconds by top tier hero mobs on Hell and Inferno.

The hotfix was announced on the Diablo 3 blog along with a few other minor fixes, including news that smashed vases and ash pots will now drop slightly less gold , HOW COULD YOU DO THIS BLIZZARD?

Here's the hotfix list. There's a mild spoiler there if you haven't played through Act 3 yet.


  • In cooperative games, monster damage will no longer increase when additional players join the game. Please note that monster health will still scale based on the number of players in a party

Bug Fixes

  • Tyrael no longer has collision when he is your active follower

  • Pots of ashes in Act I and vases in Act IV will now drop less gold when destroyed

  • Fixed a bug where players could turn in the same quest repeatedly and always receive rewards as though they were completing the quest for the first time

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