Diablo 3 called Big Pineapple in China to avoid sales ban


Let's get one thing straight: Big Pineapple is a great name for Diablo 3. In fact, if I wasn't interested in search traffic, I would Find and Replace "Diablo 3" for "Big Pineapple" across the entire website. Sadly, I can't do that.

As reported on techinasia, Diablo 3 is currently in China's video game review process. That means online retailers are unable to sell the game under its official name until it's cleared by the government. It sounds a lot more restrictive than Tom's Diablo 3 review process, which he documented here .

To compensate, vendors have opted to rename Blizzard's smash hit "dà b?luó" - words which sound a bit like “Diablo” and directly translate to “Big Pineapple.”

Even better, they're using an image of a Pineapple to help cover their tracks. It's a flawless plan, and one which appears to have government officials stumped, at least for the short term. Hooray for fruit!