Deus Ex: Human Revolution has 54 ways to upgrade yourself

Deus Ex Human Revolution - Jensen takes a knee

We've already figured out that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has 21 different cybernetic augmentations you can upgrade your character Adam Jensen with. But each of those has its own little skill tree of upgrades that can change the way it works. So how many are there in total? When we spoke to the team at Eidos Montreal for the cover feature in the new issue of PC Gamer UK , we asked them. The answer is pretty impressive: "Around 54".

Producer David Anfossi also gave us an example of how these work.

Once you have an augmentation, you unlock its extra functions and upgrades with Praxis points - skill points earned through experience. David used the leg augmentation as an example. "With the leg augmentation, the first one allows you to jump higher, but now you can go either to the right side [of the upgrade tree] which lets you do cool stuff when you land, like knockback enemies, or you can go down the left path which makes you run faster and things like that."

The full details on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution system are revealed in the cover feature on the game in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK, which is available in stores today. You can buy the latest issue online with free postage right here , or subscribe to save money and receive your issue early every month.

Tom Senior

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