Deus Ex: Human Revolution documentary meets the cyborgs who live amongst us right now

"I wanted to find out how far off we are now from Adam Jensen's prosthetic technology," announces the narrator of this Deus Ex: Human Revolution documentary. Sadly, he doesn't find a superhero capable of jumping off skyscrapers without even bruising his ankles, but that's not to say there aren't cool augmentations out there right now that are almost as useful as the Typhoon...

In related, but slightly less impressive news, Square-Enix has apparently joined forces with a Cornish cafe called Loading to create a Deus Ex themed cocktail called Deus Ex On The Beach . That is a pathetic pun, and I'm sure we can do better. Jensangria? Tong and Tequila? Harvey Wallpuncher? And of course, the "I Never Asked For This" cocktail, a delicious blend of chilli, creme du menthe and stale biscuits, lovingly augmented with the bartender's very own slobber. Mmm. Cyber.

As for the game itself, it's finally out everywhere now. Check out our review to see why you want it.