Destiny fans built a shrine to Cayde-6 at E3

As part of Destiny 2: Forsaken's big E3 showcase, Bungie released a trailer depicting the death of Cayde-6, one of Destiny's most charismatic and beloved characters, not to mention the leader of the Tower's Hunter Vanguard. As fans come to grips with the impending loss of one of the Vanguard's pillars—Cayde won't actually die until Forsaken drops on September 4, so now we just have to look at him wistfully for a few months—some of them took it upon themselves to honor Cayde at E3 by enshrining him outside the exhibition hall. Have a look: 

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At the very least, we know their efforts weren't in vain: As project lead Scott Taylor told us, Cayde is 100 percent dead and he's never coming back. Taylor also explained why it had to be Cayde, rather than Vanguard leaders Ikora or Zavala, that bit the bullet: 

"Cayde is at a really unique place in the universe ... It felt really important to us to do something that would be shocking … We want people to understand the stakes here. You should really hate the people who did this." 

Mission accomplished, mate. Cayde's not even dead yet and people are already mourning him. I reckon the outlaws who killed him are in for some payback come September. In the meantime, you can learn more about Cayde's death, how Forsaken caters to hardcore players, and how the Dreaming City raid fits into Forsaken's story in our full interview with Taylor and game director Christopher Barrett.

Update: Our own man on the scene confirmed that ramen packets have been added to the shrine. Little known fact: Cayde-6 was a huge fan of spicy ramen. 

Austin Wood
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