Destiny comes to PC as an unofficial 2D sidescroller

Destiny still hasn't reached PC, and at this stage the series' first instalment is unlikely to arrive at all (though a sequel could). When it comes to fan tributes however, PC seems to have an unwritten exclusivity deal. We had the Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator first, but now a sidescrolling shooter has arrived.

Project Tiger, a Destiny homage created by Brenton Whitwell, reimagines Bungie's shooter on a pixellated 2D plane. According to the creator posting on Reddit, it was made over a few months and is designed to celebrate Bungie day, which most PC users aren't in the habit of celebrating, since few of the studio's games ever hit our platform.

It's a fun little romp, and you can download it for PC over here. Or else, you can just watch it in action below.

Shaun Prescott

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