Destiny 2 cheat-seller shut down by Bungie

(Image credit: PerfectAim)

PerfectAim sells cheats for a variety of online games, specializing in aimbots as well as "ESP" hacks that allow cheaters to see other players through walls and terrain, remove of weapon recoil and spread, and so on. They charge a monthly subscription per game and in return provide product support and a promise their cheats will go undetected—except in the case of Destiny 2.

The bundle including "aimbot, wallhack, teleport and other cheats" that PerfectAim previously sold is no longer available. As a note on their website explains, "A claim has been made by Bungie, Inc. ("Bungie") suggesting that this product violates the game's license agreement. Furthermore, a demand was made that we cease and desist from selling this product."

They go on to say, "We won't comment on whether these claims are justified or not, but have decided to comply with this demand regardless. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to our customers." They don't seem particularly bothered about the inconvenience their product has caused to people who want to play a game without being erased over and over by someone with money to burn for a monthly subscription to see some numbers go up faster than they otherwise would.

Their cheats remain available for a variety of other games, but at least in Destiny 2 there will be slightly fewer cheaters tomorrow than there were today.

Here's Bohemia Interactive on why it's so hard to stop cheating in videogames.

Jody Macgregor
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