Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition adds daily challenge mode

Desktop Dungeons

You don't hear people banging on about Desktop Dungeons in quite the same way they bang on about Spelunky or Binding of Isaac, and that's a shame. It's the roguelike transformed into a super-smart, super-hard puzzle game, and it's just been updated with a load of new 'Enhanced Edition' content. This includes a daily challenge mode, Daily Dungeon, that lets you "play with combinations that you might not actually be able to have in the game".

As per daily challenge rules, you'll only get one go at each seeded dungeon, with a new one being generated every day. You probably won't get far, but you might fare better than your roguelike-loving friends. Do your friends own Desktop Dungeons? It's 50% off on Steam this weekend, by the way.

The Enhanced Edition update is free, if you own the game obviously, and it also adds new classes, quests, interface improvements and other gubbins. We reviewed the non-enhanced version way back in 2011—you can read our positively ancient review here.

Tom Sykes

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