Darkest Dungeon class mod adds Dark Souls Darkwraith

I'd wager that most Soulsborne players have, at one time or other, ventured into a new area before being torn to shreds by an overpowered enemy. Me? I've never had my Hollow Warrior Helm handed to me quicker than during my first encounter with New Londo's Darkwraiths. These bastards are the latest class to be modded into Darkest Dungeon.  

Courtesy of modder Carnifex—the person responsible for adding Solaire of Astora into Red Hook's brutally unforgiving tactical role-player—the Darkwraith Class Mod introduces the "most cruel dungeon invader", inspired by their appearance in the original Dark Souls. 

Billed as "relentless harvesters", Darkwraiths leverage ranged Dark Firebombs and Death's Grasp—an attack which cripples foes with the souls of the dead. The Reaper's Talisman prevents enemies from healing, the Darksword drains enemy light, and Undying Rage debuffs enemies at the expense of a small portion of health. 

Darkwraiths also harness a bespoke set of Abyssal Relic trinkets, and seek a new ensemble of consumables. 

Full details, including installation instructions, can be found via Nexus Mods. More information can be gleaned from the following stills: