How to complete Treating Symptoms in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 treating symptoms
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You can pick up the Treating Symptoms side gig in Cyberpunk 2077 almost as soon as you finish the opening quests of the Phantom Liberty DLC. Once you leave Myers at the hideout during Lucretia my Reflection, you should get a call from Mr. Hands which will open up a number of sidequests and conveniently mark them on the map for you.

This particular side gig has you tangling with the Voodoo Boys once more, and you'll need to infiltrate their base in Dogtown to complete this quest. There's also a choice to make right at the end, and, as with most decisions in this game, it's hard to know which is the right one to pick. With that in mind, here's how to complete the Cyberpunk 2077 Treating Symptoms quest, and whether or not you should kill Milko.

Cyberpunk 2077 Treating Symptoms: Find the supplier 

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The Voodoo Boys base is just south of the stadium market and you'll see the green side gig marker after the call from Mr Hands. The closest fast travel point is Luxor High Wellness Spa, though this isn't likely to be unlocked unless you're coming to this quest a little while later. 

Once you get close to the base, you'll be given the gig details—basically you need to find Milko Alexis and kill him. Getting inside the base is relatively easy. You can either go in guns blazing, or you can stealth your way in. If you go with the latter, I found it easy to walk up one of the thick concrete pillars and drop down on the left side of the building. The two goons here aren't looking your way so it's simple to dash inside the door. 

Before moving forward with the quest, you can grab the key to Slider's hideout storage room in the office here, which lets you get GRIS-GRIS iconic gun

Whichever way you choose to get into the base, you'll eventually come across a large courtyard with two sets of concrete stairs at one end. Head up the steps on the left, through the door on the right, then if you want to make the upcoming fight a little easier, go right again and you should be inside a small server room. You'll find the supplier cowering in here, so talk to him.

You'll be given a few dialogue options and you can ask where Milko Alexis is but you'll get more choices right after that. Picking the right thing here will make the upcoming fight a little easier:

  • You ungrateful sack of…
  • Punch: Better start talking. 
  • $500: I pay well for good info.

You should pick either of the second two options, though you'll only be able to punch him if you have enough Body stats. Next, ask him how to beat the robots. Now head back to the previous room and open the double doors to your right to start the fight. 

How to beat the Robot R MK.II boss 

Shoot the sparking servers to damage the robots. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

You can tackle this fight the regular way if you don't want to mess around with talking to the supplier in the previous step, but you'll be pitted against the Robot R MK.II and a group of robots that are pretty relentless with their attacks.

If you've spoken to the supplier and asked about beating the robots, you'll notice a load of sparking servers littered around the room. Wait for the robots to get close to these, then shoot them. If they're close enough, it will kill them outright, otherwise, it will stun them for a short time. There are more than enough to take out all of the smaller robots, which lets you deal with the Robot R MK.II  in peace.

Once you've looted everything from the server room, including the Iconic Ogou smart pistol from the Robot R MK.II, head through the door on the lower floor and down the steps. It's time to find Milko Alexis. 

Treating Symptoms choice: Should you kill Milko Alexis? 

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The last door at the end of the corridor will lead you into a room with two guys—Milko Alexis is on an operating table, and a netrunner is standing next to him. He wants to finish the op and you'll get the following dialogue choice from the netrunner: 

  • He's a dead man anyway.
  • Stand back.

You can complete this gig regardless of whether you kill Milko or let the netrunner continue his operation, though if you choose to let the operation continue, Netwatch will eventually contact you and pay you extra credits, making it the more lucrative option.

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With that said, it doesn't matter which of the dialogue options above you choose as both lead to the same conversation: you discover that the netrunner's name is Alan Noel, a NetWatch agent and he's trying to find out who's giving Milko orders. He says he wants to help the victims by exposing the ringleaders. You'll get a series of other options here where you can get more information from Alan or change your mind and kill Milko but each is self-explanatory. 

If you choose to just shoot Milko mid-conversation, Alan will get angry and tell you to go, leaving you free to complete the gig that way.

If you carry on the conversation until you get the choice to tell him to finish the op or that you're here to protect your client, and you choose the latter, Alan will attack you. Killing him nets you Alan's Keycard and Alan Noel's Dog Tag.

So ultimately it's up to you on how you think your V would handle the situation as both options don't seem to affect anything else.

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