Cthulhu Saves The World will arrive on PC if gamers cough up

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Cthulhu Saves The World house

Xbox Live retro-styled indie RPG Cthulhu Saves The World will arrive on PC if enough cash is donated to the developers.

Zeboyd Games needs to raise some cash to make the PC port a reality. As an incentive to give to the cause, rewards are being offered for different donations, the grand prize being digitised into the game world as an NPC if you pledge over $750. Not quite the TRON experience, but close enough.

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If Zeboyd raise enough cash to make the project a reality, the game will be ported with additional features that didn't make the Xbox cut, including a mode called 'Cthulhu's Angels', where players control a group of women who take commands from the squid-faced cosmic entity.

[via Joystiq ]