CS:GO update adds de_mirage, visual grenade arcs

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is quickly becoming the go-to source for round-based shooting action—replacing both Source and 1.6. This might be because of the growing tournament scene associated with CS:GO, but it could also be because of the ample developer support.

The latest patch for the game has brought de_mirage into the map pool, added an “sv_grenade_trajectory” console command and fiddled with Overwatch and the UI. Operation Payback Passes are also on sale for $0.99 until Monday.

Like the other classic maps that have been added to CS:GO, de_mirage is coming back to the game with a few changes. Valve explains the overarching vision was "to improve the readability and graphics of Mirage without losing any of the gameplay, jumps, corners, timings and balance that has made it so incredibly playable for three generations of Counter-Strike players."

Valve has also added visual arcs for grenade throws that are only available in servers that have cheats enabled. Put “sv_grenade_trajectory 1” into the console on a server that has “sv_cheat 1” enabled and you'll see indicators that should help you learn to bank grenades for maximum effect.

One particularly noteworthy change is the restoration of the “retry” console command. I've personally felt the pain of not having an easy way to reconnect to a server that you've just disconnected from. Typing “retry” into the console will zap you back into the last server that you were connected to and has been a staple of both Source and 1.6.

The full patch notes are below.


  • Added de_mirage.
  • Added console command to help players plan strategic grenades. Set sv_grenade_trajectory 1 (cheat convar) to see a visual arc in-game.


  • Overwatch Investigators are now required to submit more detailed verdict reports after reviewing evidence.
  • Fixed interpolation issues during GOTV and Overwatch demo playback which caused the weapon of a shooting player to visually appear several ticks behind the moment a victim was hit.
  • Overwatch FAQ updated. http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/overwatch/

Operation Payback

  • Operation Payback Pass on sale for $0.99 until Monday 6/17.


  • Added links to top streams on the main menu.
  • Added an audio option to reduce game music volume when Steam Overlay is activated.


  • Restored the "retry" console command.
  • Players can only submit griefing reports for teammates.

Thanks, PCGamesN .