CS:GO pro wastes entire enemy team in impressive 4v1 face-off

As James Busby noted in his best pro gaming weekend preview, the group stages for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's biggest pro tourney of the year so far—the ELEAGUE Major—kicked off yesterday. Top prize is $1,000,000 (over £803,000), which is probably why players are pulling out all the stops ahead of the competition's January 27 playoffs. 

Players such as Team Liquid's Josh "jdm64" Marzano who, after losing team captain Spencer "Hiko" Martin, took on four of the opposing Team EnVyUs' players on his lonesome, and came out the other end unscathed in one spectacular round of top-class sniping and flash bang hurling.

I'm no competitive CS:GO expert myself, but it'd seem Team EnVyUs' decision to stagger their attacks made things easier for jdm64 here, however that's not to take away from his resolve and skill in this four versus one situation. The remainder of the match went into triple-overtime as a result of jdm64's class, however the rounds that followed saw Team EnvyUs retain the upper hand—eventually going on to win 25-21. 

Still, top backs-to-the-wall work from Marzano.  

Thanks, Kotaku Australia.