How to defend on CS:GO’s Mirage map

Eco rounds

'Eco round' is short for 'economic round'. That's a round where you buy little to no items. The purpose is to save money so that you can afford the big toys later.

Eco rounds

Sometimes you'll find yourselves a little short on money, in which case it's time for an eco round. I'd suggest that you push up mid from connector and use a flashbang to try to catch any peeking terrorists off guard to secure a weapon or two. Just don't do this every eco round as it will get pretty obvious after a while. If you have a little more money you can go for a grenade stack on A and wait for smokes to come flying over T ramp and then welcome the push with your explosives.

A few neat tricks

If you feel confident and want an early advantage you can show off your acrobatic skills and push palace. Smoke T ramp and jump up on the balcony. Once you're in position your friend can flash you in from stairs.

If you get a kill you've made their A-attack a lot weaker. If you on the other hand don't find a terrorist at all you can start to slowly advance. Think Metal Gear Solid. Just remember that you only have one player defending A, so it's important that he re-smokes T ramp to buy you a few extra seconds. Once you make it all the way to T spawn you will have a good idea as to where the final push will happen.

The retake from market to B can be quite tricky as you have two really tight choke points to choose from. To make that endeavor a little easier you can use this smoke from CT spawn:

Just remember that this is a double-edged sword, as it will give the terrorists more options in addition to taking options away.

This next trick will take some practice, but can be really useful. Let's say you're going for a retake on B and get spotted early on inside market. Then it's really unexpected for you to show up on catwalk just seconds later.

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