Crusader Kings II now on Linux, mysterious image teases future content


Linux gamers can now neglect sleep and join in on the medieval backstabbing and kingdom building of Crusader Kings II, which recently shot past Skyrim and Civilization V to be my most played game on Steam. It's SteamPlay enabled, so owning it for any platform now unlocks it for PC, Mac, and the new Linux version.

The trailer above has been released to celebrate, as well as to distract you from your sister-in-law slipping poison into your coffee so she can push her punk, bastard son's claim on your realm. You can pay me back for that information later.

If you're just getting into Crusader Kings on any platform, the devs just wrapped up a livestream aimed at beginners that should be available in archived form when or shortly after you read this. You also might be interested in checking out the Crusader Kings Chronicle , an epic retelling of my own exploits as the King of Ireland.

In the same breath, Paradox has released this partially-revealed image with the caption "Day One" on the game's Facebook page . Presumably, we should see a little more revealed each day. I'm willing to bet the full image will come with the announcement of some new DLC. Could it be that playable pagans (and my subsequent bringing down of Odin's wrath upon Catholic Europe) are finally close at hand?

Oh, right, if you want to buy it: look no further !