Crusader Kings Chronicles: Lords of the North, Chapter 2

In August of 880, Þórólfr rescued Chief Roald of Telemark from an Yngling invasion, and gained the man's fealty for himself. Þórólfr then set his sights on Chief Olafr of Herjadal... but while preparing his forces to attack, in his 50th year, his health began to fail him. Some among his court saw this as a curse, brought upon him for speaking out against the Yngling for his conquests, but then proceeding to do just the same thing with his own power. They dared not say so in his presence, of course...

I've gained the Infirm trait, which hurts all of my stats—and at a fairly young age, too. It also just so happens that Björn Ironside, son of Ragnar Loðbrok, has gained enough territory to proclaim himself King of Sweden, making him the first proper King in Scandinavia. This will undoubtedly make his house a powerful rival going forward.

In May of 882, Herjadal surrendered to Þórólfr, and the victorious chieftain gathered together 1500 loyal men for what he predicted may be his last voyage. Seeking a glorious death, he would sail for England, land of the stalwart Anglo-Saxons, where great riches were to be had at great risk.