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Crusader Kings 2: Way of Life announced


Over the course of seven DLC expansions, the Crusader Kings 2 development team have charted the length and breadth of the Middle Ages across multiple continents and through many warring empires. They also did Sunset Invasion, whatever the hell that was about.

Despite their tireless efforts, there's always more history to tell. And so, late last week, the team announced expansion number eight: Way of Life.

Rather than a new time period or area, Way of Life will expand a specific part of the game. Its aim is to bolster the role-playing side of Crusader Kings 2—giving you more power to shape the medieval soap opera of relationships and scheming.

"Sure," explains the announcement post, "it’s nice to have someone cozy up to you and be your lover while you’re sitting atop the throne, but what if you could choose who to seduce? Or, after getting into that relationship on the side, what if you discover that you just need some space and had a way to break it off? You know, without having your soon-to-be ex-lover assassinated. These things and much more, including hundreds of new events, are coming to Way of Life."

Accompanying the expansion will be the game's 2.3 patch. This time, the team plan to publicly test that patch, with an open beta planned for later this week.

Phil Savage
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