Create a $10k Dream PC Setup with LG and Ultrawide Festival


It's not easy to set up a professional-quality tech and gaming YouTube channel. Not only do you need the power to run and record the latest games at their highest settings, but also a monitor with the space to let you create and edit in comfort. To help YouTubers achieve their dream rig, LG is launching the UltraWide Festival 2015. At its culmination, three entrants will team up with three professional YouTube stars to collaborate on their $10,000 Dream Setup.

LG believes their latest innovations can help aspiring vloggers become the new household names. As part of the UltraWide Festival, entrants have the opportunity to learn valuable tips from some of YouTube's most popular personalities: tech reviewer Linus, Unbox Therapy's Lewis and gaming star Jahova. To take part, simply produce an image or video showing off your current rig, and submit it to—along with a description of your Dream Setup—before September 25.

If you're selected to be one of the 30 semi-finalists, you'll be provided with an LG UltraWide Curved Monitor to review—creating a video on how you would incorporate it into your Dream Setup.

Prize Img1

For any creator, the LG 34UC87 is the perfect monitor for juggling the multiple programs needed to craft great videos. The UltraWide 34-inch quad-HD monitor offers 2.4 times the space of a 27-inch FullHD screen—making it possible to create and publish videos in real time on the same screen. For gamers, you can have complete control of your output; recording and sharing in real-time, or simply enjoying the extended field-of-view afforded by the multi-connected Curved UltraWide display.

The 34U87's IPS display guarantees an amazing picture quality and true-to-life colours. Whether you're tweaking colours in photoshop, or simply want your games to look as crisp and realistic as possible, the display's stunning accuracy will let you detect even the most minor changes in tone and shade.

After creating your LG 34UC87 videos, three finalists—chosen by Linus, Lewis and Jahova—will be given $10,000 with which to make their Dream Setup. Each YouTube star will act as a mentor to the winners, giving them the advice and support needed to turn these dreams into reality. Visit the official UltraWide Festival site to learn about the Dream Setup event, and for the chance to make your own dreams come true.