Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update adds weapon stickers, underhand grenade throws

Released yesterday, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's latest update adds Sticker Capsules to the game. Each capsule contains one sticker out of a series of sticker designs. The Sticker Capsules are dropped at the end of matches, and are opened with a Sticker Capsule key. The stickers can be applied to any gun in the game. You can also apply multiple stickers to a single weapon. They're a little like Team Fortress 2 hats, only for your guns. Gun hats!

In addition to the new stickers and some under-the-hood performance improvements, CS:GO's devs have tweaked the UI and weapon balancing. The UI highlights:

  • Added player teammate colors in Competitive Mode that displays a unique color per teammate in the radar, playercount panel, scoreboard and the arrow over their head (can be toggled offline with cl_cmm_showteamplayercolors).
  • Enemies icons on radar are now a different shape than teammates.
  • Added sort method 'Equipped' to the Inventory.

The biggest addition is the ability to use alternate fire to throw grenades underhand a short distance. Throw strength can be finely controlled by combining secondary and alternate fire.

In weapon balance news, the AUG and SG553 have received improved rates of fire and scoped control. Across the board, automatic weapons have seen a 50 percent increase in movement inaccuracy, but movement inaccuracy when walking is now being calculated differently for all guns, improving overall movement accuracy.

In terms of new content, the latest update also rolled out the Overpass and Cobblestone maps to all players.

While stickers are an interesting addition, cosmetic upgrades, a marketplace and Team Fortress 2-style random drops are not new to CS:GO. Last year, Valve introduced weapon skins to the game in the Arms Deal update , which function similarly to stickers.

Check out the full patch notes for minor fixes and tweaks to several of CS:GO's maps.