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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mysteriously vanished from Steam

(Image credit: Valve)
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A bunch of store pages for Steam games bizarrely vanished earlier today, including the store page for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (opens in new tab)

As noted by VGC24/7 (opens in new tab), a quick glance at SteamDB (opens in new tab) will show that all promotional screenshots, videos, Steam achievements, and store description for CS:GO all disappeared one by one before the listing for the game was taken down all together. The game still appeared in search bars, but the store page was very much gone for several hours.

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The bug was noticed by @gabefollower on Twitter, with replies suggesting (opens in new tab) that the disappearance could either be due to Valve updating the Steam page, a sheer accident, or prepping the store for an upcoming event or update. It appears it's likely the second option, since CS:GO's disappearance seems to have happened around a purge of several other games, DLC, and movies. 

Valve seems to have fixed the issue as the store page is now fully restored along with a bundle of the disappearing DLC, but it's a strange situation. It's even prompted a rarely-seen humorous response from the CS:GO Twitter page, who replied to a welcome back Tweet with little more than a GIF of Jonah Hill mashing the delete button.

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We've contacted Valve to see if this was an accidental cock-up on their part, or whether somebody somehow managed to obtain unauthorised access to the listing. We'll update this story if we receive a response.

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