Corsair sides with gamers in video mocking cryptocurrency mining

April Fools' Day is right around the corner, but Corsair decided to jump the gun by releasing a video pleading with viewers to "Stop GPU abuse!" It's tongue-in-cheek, of course, though for gamers longing for the days when graphics cards could actually be bought for whatever MSRP the manufacturer set, this one might hit too close to home.

Corsair took its cue from any number of commercials that plead with viewers to donate to their cause, notably to help feed a child or rescue an animal—think Sally Struthers or Sarah McLachlan. The beneficiary here, however, is a graphics card that's been 'abused' in a cryptocurrencying mining farm.

"With your donation, we'll buy back these abused graphics cards. You'll provide high framerates, low temperatures, and most importantly a home," the video narrates as images of crypotcurrency mining setups splash the screen to sad music played in the background.

Corsair isn't actually soliciting donations or buying graphics cards, of course, just poking fun at the situation.

Paul Lilly

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