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Company of Heroes 2 trading beta keys for Facebook Likes

Do you want to play Company of Heroes 2 ? Can you live with yourself for pre-emptively "Liking" something on Facebook before you've had a chance to try it? If your answer to both of those questions is "Yes," an indifferent shrug, or "stop imagining hypothetical responses and tell me how to get at the damn beta key," then good news!

Sega are providing closed beta access Steam keys to anyone who sends a "Like" in the direction of this page . It does rather nullify the "closed" aspect of the beta, but given that the result is an easy way to preview the game, I'm sure even the most stringing sticklers for semantics will find it in their hearts to forgive them.

The beta lets you try the game's multiplayer and skirmish modes, and gives you the first 40 levels of progression, along with a range of customisable loadouts.

If you'd rather save yourself for the full game, Company of Heroes 2 is due out June 25th.

Thanks, CVG .

Phil Savage
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