Company of Heroes 2 is free on the Humble Store

Hey, do you want Company of Heroes 2 for free? Yeah you do. So what you want to do is head over to the Humble Store sometime over the next couple of days, and click the button that says "Free!" 

Now, having dispensed with the technicalities, let's have a look at the game. Company of Heroes 2 is a World War 2 RTS developed by Relic and released in 2013. Despite its age, it still has a substantial following: SteamCharts says it had a peak concurrent player count of more than 9100 today, a little under half its all-time peak of 20,747.   

That's not bad for game that's four years old, but not really surprising either. We cited it last month as one of the best videogame depictions of the Second World War, thanks to the way "it gave each of its distinct companies a beating heart—voiced officers who each represented an archetype of the types of people who got caught up in the war." 

We also gave it a very solid 80/100 score in our review

The Humble Store also has all the Company of Heroes 2 DLC on sale too, except for the British Forces for some reason. Your best bet, if you're just getting into all this, is the Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection, which includes the base game and almost all the DLC (Ardennes Assault: Fox Company Rangers isn't included) for $10.   

The Company of Heroes 2 DLC is on sale until December 18, but the COH2 freebie is only good until 12 pm ET on December 16. 

Andy Chalk

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