Where to find the Klaus hands on Cold War's new zombies map

Cold War Klaus hands
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Looking for the Cold War Klaus hands location? There's plenty to keep you busy with the launch of Season 4: Reloaded, such as a new operator and new weapons. But the most exciting of these is the release of the new zombies map, Mauer der Toten—and the addition of Klaus.

This mechanical NPC can lend a hand against the horde, assuming you can find the parts needed to assemble it. You'll need to do specific things to get Klaus up and running, and this guide will point you in the right direction. So, here's how to find the Cold War Klaus hands, as well as the parts that are needed to rebuild it.

Cold War Klaus hands location:  How to build Klaus in Mauer der Toten

First, you need to find a microwave dish that will act as a transmitter. These can be found randomly in debris piles in different locations around the map, such as the Death Strip area or around watchtowers. The next item on your list is a battery. You'll need to reach Round 10 and take out the Krasny Soldat to loot the item from it. This type of zombie only spawns every ten rounds, so make sure you're ready for it.

Finally, to get Klaus' hands, you should equip the Brain Rot perk then make your way to Hotel Room 305. The quickest way may be the zipline from the fifth-floor apartments and once there, use Brain Rot on a zombie to make it break through the barricade found here. Once inside the previously sealed-off section, pick up the hands from the corpse on the bed.

With all three Klaus parts collected, head to the Safe House and attach all the parts to activate your new mechanical buddy.

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