Codemasters teases Overlord 3 on Twitter

Overlord 3 teaser

Overlord is one of those games in which it's good to be bad—as the titular character, players control hordes of minions who happily do their master's bidding, regardless of how evil it may be. It's all very tongue-in-cheek, and went over well enough to spawn a sequel and a couple of Nintendo spin-offs. And more may be on the way.

Gnarl, the oldest of the minions, serves as the Overlord's chief adviser. He also has a Twitter account, established in 2009, which suddenly sprang back to life today. He was only able to post a handful of tweets before the charge in his "glow slate" ran out, but before it did he issued an ominous warning, writing, "This won't be the last you hear from us meat sacks, remember... Evil always finds a way."

It would be easy enough to dismiss it as wishful thinking on the part of a fan with too much time on his hands, but Codemasters effectively confirmed its legitimacy on its own Twitter account: It retweeted "Evil always finds a way," demanded that the "glow slate" be returned to the IT department, and then posted an image of the Overlord's helmet, complete with glowing red eyes, lying on the ground.

Nothing else has been said so far, so who knows—maybe this is the first step toward the announcement of a free-to-play mobile title. But if a new, big Overlord game is in the offing, it would represent a surprising change in direction for the publisher: In 2012 it announced a move to racing games exclusively, and in early 2013 it laid off an estimated 80 employees in an effort to "focus on areas of increased strategic importance and decrease resources in areas that are not delivering value for the business."

We've reached out to Codemasters to see if we can find out more about what's going on. In the meantime, if you're a fan, you might want to start paying attention to @Overlordgame again—and if you're not but think you might like to be, free demos for both Overlord and Overlord II are available from Steam.

Andy Chalk

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