Codemasters say adding VR to F1 2017 will be difficult

While Codemasters added VR to Dirt Rally, they don’t have plans to add support for any VR headsets to F1 2017, which launched on Friday. At least not at the moment because there are extra challenges in introducing VR to F1 2017 specifically.  

This isn’t to say that Codemasters aren’t interested in VR for their Formula One title, however. "We've certainly given a lot of consideration to VR," creative director Lee Mather told "As you know, Codemasters did VR for Dirt Rally and we're certainly interested in doing it for Formula One.”

But there are more things to consider, as the changes that might need to be made could have a negative impact on the game. 

"It's a little trickier for us because we're pushing the boundaries when it comes to our physics,” said Mather. “We have a lot of elements on screen with the OSD, so that's a lot of information the player would have to process in VR. The changes to move the game onto VR would be fairly significant, and we wouldn't want to do it if it meant compromising any area of the game. That's why we're holding back on that at the moment, but it's something we're considering."

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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