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Codemasters rescues Evolution Studios to form multi-platform "racing powerhouse"

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It's a great day for racing. Late in March, Sony scrapped Driveclub and MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios. Renowned racing dev Codemasters was having none of that, however, and has restored the studio (opens in new tab) and staff to scale up its projects and "strengthen our leadership as the world’s premier racing game developer".

Excitingly for us PC gamers, Codemasters has announced that Evolution is now a multi-platform studio—its previous games were exclusive to PlayStation. Following the success of Dirt Rally (opens in new tab), it bolsters Codemasters' claim last year that the studio is going back to its racing roots (opens in new tab) ahead of its 30th birthday. By salvaging Evolution, Codemasters now controls the bulk of the UK's racing dev talent.