Cobalt video explains the concept and execution of the 2D arcade shooter

From one successful PC Gamer alumni to another. Owen Hill - former PCG web editor, current Mojang word man, and secret Yordle - is hosting the new Radio Cobalt, a video podcast dedicated to explaining the Mojang published 2D arcade shooter. Talking to the game's developers, Oxeye Game Studios, this first episode provides a quick overview of the scope and breadth of the action.

The Cobalt team are currently plugging away at the game's development, and, as you might expect from a Mojang published title, its developers are showing their working. You can get early access to the game's current build by buying into the current alpha. Naturally, doing so will give you access to all future updates. For more information, check out the Cobalt site , or read Richard Cobbett's preview .

Phil Savage

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