Cliff Bleszinski to indies: "go with the PC"

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As reported on Kotaku and RPS , Epic's Cliff Bleszinski has been talking up PC development at E3.

The Gears of War developer reckons PC should be the first port of call for upcoming indies, pointing out that it's a less restrictive platform than console and mobile. “Xbox Live and PSN, skip both of them because you're at Sony or Microsoft's will as to what's on the dashboard.” he said. “iOS, maybe but you have to have Apple's approval. There's way to much piracy on Android. No-one has a Windows phone.

“Kickstart's wonderful, go Tim Schafer,” he continued, referring to the upcoming adventure game from Double Fine, which is entirely Kickstarter-funded.

"I would go with the PC."

Cliffy signed off with: “Do it because you love it, but make sure you get paid.”

Bleszinski has also tweeted enthusiastically about the independent games community at GDC: “I'm astonished at the amount of energy around the indy games scene at GDC. It's amazeballs. We're entering into a very special time.”