Civilization 6 to get 25th anniversary edition

Ahead of its October 21 launch, Civilization 6 has invited Philip II, Qin Shi Huang, Montezuma, Catherine de Medici, Tomyris, and Sean Bean to its turn-based world domination party. It’s now also treated itself to an early present: a 25th Anniversary Edition to mark the series’ quarter of century in existence. 

While you struggle to get your head around the fact Sid Meier's Civilization series first arrived in 1991, let me me tell you that the incoming Anniversary Edition includes Civilization 6 itself; a 100-page hardcover art book titled ‘Civilization Through the Years’; a commemorative display case and coin set; and everything which comes with the Deluxe Edition of the game. 

Speaking to that last part, it comprises four DLC packs, a digital soundtrack, and the Aztec Civilization pre-order bonus—the later of which becomes free to all players 90 days post-launch. 

“The vitality of Civilization is in the new ideas that each design team brings to the game as well as the passion and feedback from an incredible community,” says Meier himself in a statement. “We hope players enjoy the vibrant living world and the new features the team has created in this latest offering. I’m proud of the work they’ve done, and I hope you will enjoy playing Civilization VI as much as they’ve enjoyed making it. Here’s to the next 25 years.”

Civilization 6 is due to launch on October 21, when there'll be just 20,000 copies of the Anniversary Edition made available worldwide. A representative for publisher 2K tells us “there’s no information regarding Civilization VI pricing available” at the moment.