Civilization 6 is getting a new season pass with 6 DLC packs

Civilization 6 has been around since 2016, but 2K Games isn't done with it yet. Today the publisher unveiled the New Frontier Pass, a Civ 6 season pass that will deliver six new DLC packs, released bi-monthly, beginning with the Maya and Gran Colombia pack on May 21.

The Maya and Gran Colombia pack will add two new leaders to the game—they'll be revealed prior to the pack's release—along with new buildings and units, new city-states, resources, and Natural Wonders, and a new Apocalypse game mode, which will unleash all sorts of environmental fun times upon your civilization like meteor showers, asteroid strikes, massive forest fires, and even solar flares.

That pack will be followed by the Ethiopia pack in July, which will add a new civilization (guess which one) and leader, new districts and infrastructure, and a new Secret Societies mode. Additional packs will bring the total amount of new content to eight new civilizations, nine leaders, six new game modes, and other content.

(Image credit: 2K Games)

"We’re very excited to be adding even more content to Civilization VI, ensuring longtime players and franchise newcomers have something fresh to look forward to in the months to come," Firaxis lead game designer Anton Strenger said. "By delivering new content on a regularly scheduled basis, we’ll have more opportunities than ever with the New Frontier Pass to connect with our community as we actively develop and deliver content."

The New Frontier Pass will go for $40, and the DLC packs will also available for purchase individually if you'd rather pick and choose. It's a bit cheaper to buy the pass than it is to pick up each pack individually, though—DLCs with two leaders will go for $9 each while those with one leader will be $5, so $42 in total—and springing for the pass will also get you Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine De Medici Persona Packs, providing a new leader model and background, new gameplay bonuses, and updated agendas for the American and French leaders. The persona packs will released in July, along with the Ethiopia DLC.

In between the DLC releases, Firaxis and 2K will continue to release free Civ 6 updates for all players that will include new maps, scenarios, balance updates, and more. To find out more, head over to

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