Civilization 6 is also adding Indonesia to the mix

2K Games announced yesterday that Jayavarman VII will lead the Khmer people into Civilization 6 in the game's next update. Today, it unveiled part two of that combo: Dyah Gitarja, also known by her regnal name Tribhuwannottunggadewi Jayawishnuwardhani (which we will not be using for obvious reasons), who led the Majahapit Empire—located in modern-day Indonesia—on a massive campaign of conquest and expansion. 

Indonesia's unique unit in Civ 6 will be the Jong—large sailing ships that function primarily as merchant vessels and transports, but can hold their own in a fight as well. Their cities can be improved with houses on stilts called Kampung, which provide housing, production, and food to adjacent fishing boats, and its unique ability is the "Great Nusantara," which grants bonuses for holy sites, campuses, industrial zones, and theater squares when they're adjacent to coastal tiles. 

Gitarja's leader ability is the very poetic-sounding "Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds," which grants bonus Faith to coastal cities. It also enables Gitarja to purchase Naval units at a discount using Faith, and eliminates the movement cost of Religious units that are embarking or disembarking from vessels. 

There's still no word on a release date for the Indonesian (and Khmer) civs, but I'd expect them to arrive soon. Based on most previous Civilization and Scenario Packs, you can expect it to cost around $5.

Andy Chalk

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