Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion to add Indonesia and Morocco

There are already an absurd number of possible empires in Civilization 5 . The vanilla game came with a not-inconsiderable eighteen, DLC gave the option for another seven, and the Gods & Kings expansion raised the total by a further nine. Then there are mods, letting you play an astonishing range of leaders, from Stalin to Adventure Time's Princess Bubblegum .

As well as expanding the cultural victory path and bolstering democracy, the Brave New World expansion also increases the number of countries that can vie for dominance across your hexagonal world. Two more civs have just been announced: Indonesia, led by Gaja Mada, and Morocco, fronted by the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur.

Brave New World will add nine new civilisations when it's released in July. Here are the seven that have been revealed so far:

  • Casimir of Poland

  • Pedro II of Brazil

  • Ashurbanipal of Assyria

  • Maria of Portugal

  • Shaka of the Zulu

  • Gaja Mada of Indonesia

  • Ahmad al-Mansur of Morocco

With two leaders yet to be announced, who would you like to see added?

Thanks, Joystiq .