CD Projekt invites Gwent fans to "Kill the Servers" in stress test

Some game developers ask their fans to help test its servers ahead of the launch of a new game. CD Projekt has something a little harsher in mind. On September 23, and then again on September 27, the studio is asking Gwent fans to come together to “Kill the Servers.” 

CD Projekt emphasized that Kill the Servers is strictly a stress test, and not the closed beta, which is scheduled to start on October 25. Gwent will not be “content-complete” during the test, and deck-building functionality isn't planned, although the phrasing leaves the possibility open if things go really well. 

Also worth noting is that taking part in the stress test does not guarantee access to the closed beta, although you do have to be signed up for the beta if you want in on KtS. And don't worry too much if you don't happen to be selected for the stress test, because you'll still be eligible for admission into the closed beta when it begins.

The first test will begin at 11 am ET/8 am PT on September 23 and run until 3pm ET/12 pm PT the same day, while the second kicks off at 2 pm ET/11 am PT on September 27, and runs until 6 pm ET/3 pm PT. Access will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and the code distribution timing will be announced later on CD Projekt's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Kill the Server signups will go live on September 22, and if you're not already signed up for the Gwent closed beta, you can do so at

Andy Chalk

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