Card Hunter expansion Attack of the Artifacts announced

If you've closed the book—okay, technically browser—on your Card Hunter campaign, developers Blue Manchu hope to tempt you back with a new chapter. Attack of the Artifacts will be the first expansion for the free-to-play tactical-turn-based-card-battling-board-game. Due out later this month, it'll upgrade the game with new adventures, cards, weapons and monsters.

"Not only will you be challenged with tough new campaign battles, bizarre new monsters and powerful new cards," write Blue Manchu , "but you'll also get to experience the thrill of Card Hunter leagues, where you can battle other players in inventive new multiplayer formats to win great prizes!"

It sounds like a perfect excuse to get reacquainted with the excellent RPG-inspired tactical strategy, which we named our most original game of last year .

While the base game is free, it's not yet been announced how much the expansion will cost.

Phil Savage

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