Capcom looking into options to handle Games for Windows Live shutdown

With BioShock 2 and the Arkham games abandoning the quickly sinking Games for Windows Live ship for the SS Steamworks, players are asking publishers a common question: “Will I be able to play my games after Games for Windows Live is gone?” Capcom started getting the brunt of the attention last week, though it appears the company's still mapping its escape route.

About a week ago, someone from the Steam forums said they emailed someone at Capcom about how the company will support its games that run on Games for Windows Live. According to the poster, a representative wrote back saying we'd still be able to play games after the service shut down, but didn't go into specifics on how that'd happen.

I tried to confirm this information with Capcom, and was given the company's official response:

“We are looking into what options are available to take care of users that purchased on GFWL, but will announce what will happen once we have something 100% confirmed."

Microsoft isn't pulling the plug on GFWL until July 1, 2014, so Capcom still has some time to hash out a plan.