Can you decipher these StarCraft 2 sound clips?

Starcraft 2

Blizzcon is happening this weekend, so we'll get to see what Blizzard's plans are for the coming year or two—don't worry, we'll be there in force to report live from the scene. Meanwhile, PCGamesN note that Blizz have been teasing some mysterious noises ahead of the event. Take your best guess.


Our guess: an alarming act of flatulence propels a Zerg Hydralisk several miles through the air, whereupon it collides fatally with the flank of a surprised Siege Tank.


Our guess: A Terran marine bends attempting to tie his shoelaces instead shoots himself in the foot and promptly falls over. Not heard: Jim Raynor fullscreening the inevitable YouTube video on fullscreen on his massive battlecruiser to the amusement of Terran top brass.

Whatever's happening in these, it's interesting that they don't sound like Protoss. The third expansion: Legacy of the Void, is set to focus on these mysterious space warriors. Is that what Blizzard will reveal this weekend?

Keep an eye on the Soundcloud page for more, and post your best guesses about the noises in the comments.

Tom Senior

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