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Call of Duty: WWII's social hub is empty because of connectivity problems

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Call of Duty: WWII (opens in new tab)'s social hub isn't all that social at the moment. High player volume since launch has caused connectivity problems across all platforms, and one of the fixes has been to make Headquarters a solo experience for now, Sledgehammer Games said yesterday (opens in new tab).

That, along with deactivated leaderboards and a couple of performance updates, appears to have fixed the problems, Sledgehammer said. Although clearly it's not ideal—HQ is supposed to be a place where you can face off in 1v1 skirmishes, eyeball other player's outfits people open loot crates (opens in new tab). "Headquarters will return to its fully-populated, shared experience shortly," the developer said. For now, you can still invite friends into the HQ so you're not completely lonely.

The connectivity problems also caused some players to lose ranks, which isn't ideal. The "vast majority" lost five ranks or fewer, Sledgehammer said, which at lower ranks is less than an hour of playtime. Still annoying, though, and the developer said it is "committed to making it up to the affected players", so watch this space.

For what it's worth I played the game's multiplayer for a few hours last night and it was basically lag-free, save for one game in which I was rubber-banding quite badly. I'm sure that more fixes are incoming over the next few weeks as Sledgehammer continues to tune the game up.

James' review of the shooter is live here (opens in new tab), so go and have a read.

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