How to rob the Ghost Train in Warzone 2's The Haunting event

Warzone 2 Ghost Train - Gas mask soldiers
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The Ghost Train is one of the new spooktacular bosses that was added to Warzone 2 as part of The Haunting event. This year, you'll be hunting hellish monstrosities, from familiar faces like Diablo's Butcher, to, yes, a literal train. Your objective isn't to destroy this one, though. Instead, you'll be infiltrating Fire and Brimstone—solid train name—and stealing its heart, plus any extra cash and guns you can carry.

It's worth noting that the easiest way to steal the Heart of the Train is to attempt it in DMZ, where there are fewer opponents, and so less chance of getting gunned in the back while you calmly try to disarm a tripwire. All that said, here's how to find and beat the Warzone Ghost Train boss and steal its heart. 

How to find the Ghost Train

Luckily, it's easy to locate Fire and Brimstone—it is a train, after all. When you load in, simply scan the train tracks on the map and look for a skull icon at the head of a set of carriages. As is usual for trains in DMZ, the closer you are to it, the better, since this will give you a headstart in taking its heart before all the other players arrive trying to do the same. 

Besides being a train, it's easy to recognise Fire and Brimstone because of the giant burning skull on its front engine—as with any boss, you'll also get the message "Fire and Brimstone approaches" when you're nearby. Unlike regular trains, you'll have to hop on around halfway down its length and make your way through, which is where the real fun begins.

 How to steal the Ghost Train heart 

Once you jump onto the flatbed towards the centre of the train, your challenge will be making your way through the carriages towards the front. There are multiple threats to watch out for:

  • Decoy soldiers
  • Anti-Personnel mines
  • Tripwire grenades
  • Claymores in between the carriages
  • Sentry guns
  • Oh and other players coming up behind you if you're not fast enough

The Decoys and Anti-Personnel mines are easy enough to spot and shoot, as are the tripwires to disarm. The ones most likely to catch you out are the Claymores hidden off to the sides of each connecting section between carriages. As you move through the train, you'll want to check the chests for cash and Heat-Resistant Keys, which you can use to unlock the flaming chests once you get to the front of the train.

Dealing with all of these traps is a bit of a nightmare, especially if you've got other players pressuring you—have your squadmates watch your back while you clear the traps. If you're in a real bad spot, it is possible to sprint and slide through the Sentry Guns and jump the Claymores if you're agile enough, though I wouldn't recommend it unless it's do-or-die. You could also bring a Riot Shield to tank the Sentry Guns while a squadmate deals with them. If you want to be particularly devilish, you could even lay mines and Claymores behind you as you go to slow down pursuers.

When you get to the front, you'll find a statue of Lilith from Diablo 4 holding the Heart of the Train, so quickly grab it to get the rewards for your squad and loot the containers around the room. Once done, use the portal to escape above the train where you can parachute away to safety. 

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