Call Of Duty reaches bottom of comedy barrel, bravely keeps digging to planet's molten core

Well then. Words fail me. I'd better go check my thesaurus, I guess. Ahem. Wasn't that a load of crap, baloney, bunk, bunkum, claptrap, drivel, foolishness, hogwash, idiocy, ludicrousness, poppycock, ridiculousness, rigmarole, tomfoolery and twaddle? Yes. A festering pile of debris, dregs, dross, junk, litter, lumber, offal, refuse, rubble, rummage, scrap, sweepings, trash and waste. There's tortured comedy, and then there's comedy specifically being tortured on the Judas Cradle.

Well, at least it's free, right? Ooops, no. It's part of the Call of Duty Elite service. They want you to pay for this. Actual money. That you could be spending on sweets instead, like a Dairy Milk Bubbly bar on top of a Milkybar, with a couple of packs of strawberry Fruitella to eat between bites.

Let us never speak of this show again.