Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's big Season One update has arrived

(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's largest update so far went live last night, kicking off the game's very first season. With Season One comes the new battle pass with two free weapons, four multiplayer maps and a trio of Spec Ops missions. 

The Atrium and Cargo maps are available in Gunfight mode, and if you're playing Ground War, you'll be able to check out Port. Crash has also returned, with some changes to the map to make it more "realistic", along with a new narrative where the Coalition and Allegiance are converging on an Al-Qatala compound in the centre of the map. Vacant and Shipment are returning, too, and will appear during the season. 

Reinforce, the first of a trio of modes, is already available, giving players a single life to capture three flags, each of which allows the team to respawn. Infected, where you'll have to fight off a growing team of infected players, and Gunfight OSP, which drops you into a Gunfight battle with no weapons or equipment, will arrive later. Infinity Ward also says we can expect more game modes throughout the season. 

Two new Special Operations, Just Reward and Strongbox have been added in the update, along with three Classic Special Operations. The regular Operations will send players in to put an end to a terrorist financier; the Classic Ops, meanwhile, will pit you against General Barkov, stealing intel, securing an airbase and finally stopping Barkov from blowing up a city. 

The battle pass is mostly off-limits unless you shell out for the full battle pass or its bundle, which lets you skip up to 20 tiers. There are some free tiers, however, which reward all players who reach them with items like the RAM-7 assault rifle and the Holger-26 light machine gun. The full battle pass contains 100 tiers and includes a new Operator, Mara.

Season One's Officer Rank challenge has started and you can begin your journey to rank 155 now by beating the new seasonal challenges. Officer ranks are different from your regular player rank, but also net you new rewards. 

The Season One update also comes with a bunch of playlist changes and game fixes, which you can browse in the full patch notes.

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