Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting 38 more maps, according to a leak

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players look like they might become inundated with maps. Senescallo leaked the alleged map list on Reddit over the weekend, though there's no indication when and in what order they'll arrive. 

That's twice the number of maps that are already available, so it's huge leap and thus probably not likely to be dumped on players all at once. It would likely be a bit of a nightmare to test them all, too. 

It's not clear how the returning maps will be adapted for the new Modern Warfare, but seeing as how the pace and structure of multiplayer has been tweaked a bit since their previous appearance, it may be that we're in for more than just a shiny coat of paint. 

Check out the full list below: 


  • Cage
  • Cargo 
  • Hook
  • Exclusion Zone
  • Shoot House

6v6 and 10v10

  • Aniyah Tac
  • Crash
  • Dam
  • Krovnik Farmland
  • Gulag
  • Hospital
  • Layover
  • Lowline
  • Lumber
  • Malyshev
  • Milbase
  • Oasis
  • Port
  • Prison
  • Rivine
  • Shipment
  • Shipment (Day)
  • Shipment (Night)
  • Slums
  • Stadium
  • Sub Base
  • Super
  • Urzikstan
  • Torez
  • Transit
  • TV Station

Ground War

  • Smetna Farms


  • Gun Course
  • Marksman Range

Another dataminer has managed to dig up details of new modes. According to That1MiningGuy, Capture the Flag is returning to Modern Warfare, and there are references to zombies and possibly a battle royale mode. Several lines contain the "br" abbreviation.

Lots of new emblems, operator skins and weapon skins have also been unearthed. There's a lot to root through. 

Cheers, Dexerto.

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